5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Neglect Your Oral Health

dentist Irving TXTaking care of your oral health is not just about brushing your teeth every day … flossing is a critical component of daily dental care and seeing the dentist every six months for cleaning, polishing and a dental exam are also needed to maintain great dental health. Neglecting oral health can result in:

  1. Dental decay: Cavity prevention is not impossible, but it does require some work and discipline. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, and keeping consistent dental appointments, understanding what can lead to decay is helpful. Eliminating or reducing consumption of soda and sugary beverages; replace candy, cookies, and chips with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables; and drink lots of water daily … just these few things will contribute to cavity prevention.
  2. Gum disease: One of the primary reasons people develop gingivitis is due to oral neglect; but other contributors include tobacco use, poor diet, insufficient rest, and other lifestyle habits such as illicit drug use. Gum disease can result in bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, loose teeth, receding gum tissue, and even lost teeth.
  3. Poor appearance: Everyone wants an attractive smile. Straight, white teeth usually don’t just happen. For some, straight teeth may mean orthodontic care. Dental stain can mar your appearance so teeth whitening or some type of cosmetic repair may be needed to give you a smile makeover.
  4. Tooth loss: The loss of one or more teeth due to some type of traumatic event may be unavoidable; however, loss of teeth from neglect is preventable. Tooth loss can impact your self-esteem; the way you speak; and what you can comfortably eat. Replacing lost teeth can be costly and time consuming so prevention is important.
  5. Overall health issues: Research is continually finding correlation to oral health. Heart health and illnesses of the immune system such as diabetes have been linked to dental health.

There are basic things to be done to aid in great oral health. Straight teeth provide fewer areas for dangerous dental plaque to build.

Your dentist may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen dental enamel; or dental sealants to protect the areas of the teeth most prone to decay.

Neglecting dental health can lead to problems that might be preventable. If it’s time to schedule your next visit, contact Erickson Dental at 972-717-0077 today.