Can I avoid tooth extraction if I have a cracked tooth?

root canals Irving TXIs your tooth broken or cracked? Are you worried that the only treatment you can receive is an extraction? Many times, a tooth that is cracked or fractured can be saved with root canal therapy and restorative dentistry if patients receive treatment as soon as possible.

When teeth become cracked or broken, the root canals become exposed to harmful bacteria and debris that can infect the nerves and pulp within them. Treating infected root canals can literally save a tooth from needing extraction. Our dentist performs gentle root canal treatment and places high quality restorations so that our patients can enjoy comfortable oral function and good oral health.

What is root canal therapy?

When a damaged tooth leads to the infection of a root canal, the inside of the tooth must be treated to prevent an abscess from forming or the infection from killing the tooth’s living material. The objective of root canal treatment is to enter the inside of the tooth and remove the infected materials inside the root canal. This includes removing the infected nerve endings and the dental pulp as these structures can’t be saved once infected. The root canal is then irrigated where all debris and bacteria are removed. Once the inside of the tooth is cleaned, our dentist will seal it with a rubber-like compound so that the tooth’s internal structure is protected.

Will I need a crown after receiving root canal therapy?

Sometimes a restoration like a dental crown will be required after treating an infected root canal. Crowns are like a cap that fits over the entire tooth. These restorations are permanently bonded over biological tooth structure and will protect a damaged tooth from further breakage and chipping. Crowns can also protect against tooth decay.

If you have cracked or fractured teeth, schedule a checkup as soon as possible. Early treatment normally means that our dentist can save a tooth.

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