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Do dental crowns require special care?

Dental crowns serve many purposes … they can save a tooth that is severely decayed, cracked, or broken; they can be used as a means to attach a fixed partial; they can be the final restorative step for dental implants; or a crown can be used to seal a tooth following endodontic (root canal) therapy.

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Protect and Strengthen Teeth with Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-made prosthetic pieces that closely resemble natural teeth. The first step in creating a dental crown involves the dentist taking an impression of an existing, prepared tooth (or teeth). That impression is then used to fabricate the crown. Traditionally, crowns contain a metal interior for reinforced strength, but design options vary with

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When is a dental crown recommended?

Dental crowns serve many functions … they can help salvage a tooth that is broken; prevent the loss of a tooth permeated with dental decay; be the final step for endodontic therapy; cover a dental implant; act as anchors for a fixed bridge; or secure a denture. Broken tooth – Our teeth are very strong,

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