How Dental Bridges Can Help Restore Smiles

dental bridges Las ColinasOptions for a gap in your smile due to tooth loss can be handled in many ways … you can leave it alone, but that is never a good solution if you want to restore your smile; or you can select one of the restorative offerings your dentist will outline… dental bridges being one of them.

Dental bridges are used to close the gap created by the loss of one or more teeth in succession.  With a fixed bridge, the teeth on both sides of the lost teeth will be crowned providing anchors for the prosthesis. These anchor teeth are known as abutment teeth. The artificial tooth or teeth between the crowned teeth are known as pontics. The unit as a whole is a dental bridge.

This fixed dental restoration allows the patient to chew normally enjoying most any foods they want; speak clearly without fear of movement or slippage; and smile with self-confidence knowing their dentist has fabricated a prosthesis that so closely matches their natural dentition it is difficult to detect where it stops and starts.

The process involves extracting teeth (if not already missing); preparing abutment teeth for crowns; and dental impressions to be sent to the lab for unit fabrication. The prepped area will be temporarily covered … the lab usually requires about two weeks to make the bridge.

Once complete, your dentist will try-in the bridge for comfort and fit. If concerns are present, the bridge might be temporarily cemented in place. It can be permanently affixed once all issues are resolved.

Caring for a dental bridge is the same as caring for your remaining biological teeth … brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste; floss daily (your dentist will demonstrate, if needed); and make sure you maintain twice yearly dental visits.

A primary concern about your bridge is preventing decay and gum disease from affecting the teeth surrounding your bridge; you’ve invested in restoring lost teeth so it is important to do the things needed to keep dentition healthy. Abstain from using tobacco in any form; limit sweets to special occasions; keep soda consumption very limited (water is a much better option); and follow instructions provided by your dentist for bridge care.

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