When is a dental crown recommended?

dental crowns IrvingDental crowns serve many functions … they can help salvage a tooth that is broken; prevent the loss of a tooth permeated with dental decay; be the final step for endodontic therapy; cover a dental implant; act as anchors for a fixed bridge; or secure a denture.

  1. Broken tooth – Our teeth are very strong, but they sustain much pressure from chewing; and for many patients with bruxism, teeth are subjected to grinding and clenching. This constant pressure can result in a broken or cracked tooth. A crown will cover the base of the tooth protecting it from further damage.
  2. Decayed tooth – When a tooth incurs decay, it is weakened due to the loss of much of the tooth to remove the decay. And it is possible for a tooth to experience further decay. When the integrity of the tooth cannot be maintained due to another filling, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to cover the tooth to prevent further damage.
  3. Root canal completion – When the root is damaged because bacteria has managed to permeate the layers of the tooth, there are usually two options … a root canal to clean out the contents of the canals to save the tooth or have the tooth extracted. Tooth loss often leads to problems with eating, speaking, and appearance which present a lot of additional issues. But a root canal can be completed quickly and with minimal discomfort. When a root canal is performed, a dental crown completes treatment especially when a molar tooth is involved.
  4. If tooth loss has been experienced, a dental implant can restore the ability to eat all the foods you love, you can speak clearly, and smile with self-confidence. A dental implant is surgically placed in the gum tissue where tooth loss has been sustained. Once healed, the implant is covered with a final restoration that will be fabricated to match neighboring teeth making the implant impossible to detect.
  5. When a partial, bridge, or denture is called for, there are different options. But when the patient wishes to enjoy permanence, dental crowns can be employed as a means to secure the devices in place by attaching them to abutment teeth or with dental implants.

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