Can Dental Crowns Improve the Appearance of Natural Teeth?

dental crowns IrvingBroken, chipped, or decayed teeth do not afford a wonderful appearance. Dental crowns can enhance overall aesthetics; however, teeth treated with dental crowns have additional benefits.

Covering a tooth with a crown allows the patient to keep their natural tooth, a far better fate than having the tooth removed and dealing with an unwanted gap or having a dental prosthetic placed.

Dental crowns have undergone a complete change in the past couple of decades. Gold and other metals were mostly used to treat posterior teeth. Porcelain fused to metal became available to treat anterior teeth for maximum aesthetics.

While some basic metal crowns remain, porcelain has stepped in as a primary material. Porcelain allows a natural appearance as it can be closely matched to neighboring teeth. Porcelain has been improved to provide strength as well as beauty to the treated tooth.

Dental crowns have many uses. In addition to covering a tooth that has been cracked or broken, a crown can be used:

Treat excessive decay – for a tooth that has been treated before, additional attempted fillings may mean the tooth will not be able to hold up. In this case, a crown may be the best option for restoration.

Complete root canal therapy – When a posterior tooth requires endodontic therapy, the entry point must be sealed. More often than not, a dental crown is used.

Use as an anchor – To replace one or more lost teeth, a fixed prosthesis may be recommended. In this case, the abutment teeth are crowned as a means to hold the “false” teeth in place.

Cover a dental implant – Many patients are opting to replace lost teeth with dental implants. This provides a permanent solution to tooth loss that is as close to retaining your natural teeth as possible. Dental implants are placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Once healed, the implant is permanently covered with a crown.

Since dental crowns can be made to look just like your natural teeth, having a crown placed to restore missing, broken, chipped, stained, or decayed teeth provides a permanent, effective solution. Aesthetics are restored; the tooth is saved; and the crown will provide stability that having the tooth extracted can’t.

Our dental team can provide a dental crown for you in two brief appointments; your appearance will be enhanced and your natural tooth saved. To learn more, contact Erickson Dental at 972-717-0077.