Do dental crowns require special care?

dental crowns Irving TXDental crowns serve many purposes … they can save a tooth that is severely decayed, cracked, or broken; they can be used as a means to attach a fixed partial; they can be the final restorative step for dental implants; or a crown can be used to seal a tooth following endodontic (root canal) therapy.

For many years crowns were made from metal or gold; eventually crowns in the smile line were covered with a porcelain material; and now the majority of crowns are made from porcelain or porcelain-fused to metal. Porcelain is naturally stain resistant and is strong making it an ideal material.

However, just as it is stain resistant, porcelain is not affected by any teeth whitening products. Patients wishing to whiten their teeth that require a dental crown need to complete whitening before having a crown made as biological dentition will lighten, but a crowned tooth will remain the same color.

A crown generally takes two dental appointments and two weeks to complete. While you are waiting for your final crown, you will have a temporary covering over your prepared tooth. In order to keep your temporary in place, chewing on the opposite side is a good idea. If the temporary should become dislodged, you can try to replace it using denture paste or return to your dental office for a new one to be placed.

Once crafted, your dentist will try in your new crown to assure a proper fit before permanently cementing it in place.

Your dietary selections should not need to change … extremely sticky foods like caramel might be one food to avoid, but you should not need to modify how you eat once the crown is in place.

No matter the application, a crowned tooth (as all your teeth) must be brushed to look their best and the gum tissue around the crowned tooth (and all teeth) should be flossed daily to keep gums healthy. A standard soft bristled tooth brush and a fluoridated tooth paste are suitable for all teeth whether they have crowns or not.

Regular six month visits to the dentist for a cleaning, polishing, and dental exam are advised to maintain healthy teeth and gums. For many, crowned teeth last a lifetime; but if needed a crown can be replaced.

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