Enjoy a Brighter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening Las ColinasThe condition of our teeth can say a lot about a person. Missing or broken teeth can be a sign of injury or neglect; stained or discolored teeth might be a result of illness, medications taken, lifestyle habits like tobacco use, foods and beverages consumed, or inattentive care. A big change that is both economical and easily attained is with teeth whitening.

A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will identify if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening as well as educate the patient on what is involved with professional teeth whitening.

By working with your dentist to enhance your appearance with teeth whitening, you are going to reap many benefits over acquiring teeth whitening at your supermarket, drugstore, or purchasing something online. These advantages include:

Professional guidance – Questions and concerns are readily addressed by your dental professional. You have all the information you need to complete the whitening process without any consternation.

Safest and most potent whitening agents available – The teeth whitening products available through your cosmetic dentist have been thoroughly tested to provide you with the safest products available. In addition, since being dispensed by a dental professional, these teeth whitening agents will provide a whiter, brighter smile than generically acquired alternatives.

Customized specifically for you – Your program will fit your needs. An honest discussion with your dental provider will identify the areas of most interest to you and work to accommodate those needs.

Results – Once completed, you will enjoy a brighter smile. And there are things you can do to help extend the life of your teeth whitening experience.

Since there are certain foods and beverages that contribute to teeth stain, you can take steps to help limit the staining effects. Drink cold beverages like tea, cola, or wine with a straw so much of the beverage bypasses the teeth. When eating foods know to promote stain, plan to brush or rinse as soon as practical following your meal.

Brush and floss daily. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend using a certain tooth paste or oral rinse so follow instructions given. See your dentist every six months for a cleaning and dental exam.

Professional teeth whitening can make a huge improvement in your appearance along with a big boost to your self-confidence. To learn more, contact Erickson Dental at 972-717-0077 today.