Feeling Self-conscious About Your Smile?

Las Colinas cosmetic dentistA smile can be the greatest confidence booster or the greatest obstacle to confidence in social situations. Cosmetic dentists work with many patients to improve smiles for aesthetic and functional reasons. Regardless of the reason for a patient’s self-consciousness, there are many options to improve smiles and the appearance of teeth that fit into everyday budgets and meet the needs of everyday people.

Some of the simplest ways to improve smiles are through professional teeth whitening. While there are countless over-the-counter products and teeth whitening kits, none can produce the same results with the same level of safety as professional whitening treatment options. Patients with moderate surface stains on teeth are lightened in a variety of ways, allowing the cosmetic dentist to fit the treatment with the individual patient’s needs. Surface stains that are associated with medication or other non-food stain producers may be more difficult to lighten or remove with teeth whitening, however, and having realistic expectations will improve results.

Missing teeth or damaged teeth can be quickly improved with porcelain crowns or dental bridges, creating the look of a full, beautiful, natural smile that suits the individual patient. Likewise, porcelain veneers offer an alternative to full dental crowns and provide more consistent results for patients with stubborn stains on teeth or other surface blemishes. Cosmetic bonding can substitute for veneers in some cases and although the results are not quite the same, most patients that opt for cosmetic bonding are pleased with their results.

Recontouring can be incorporated into the treatment plan for uneven teeth, to make the overall appearance of the smile more uniform and natural. Moreover, patients with old silver fillings or discolored fillings often appreciate the matching tooth colored fillings available to replace old fillings or fill new cavities as an aesthetic alternative for a nicer smile. Regardless of the reasons for seeking to improve a smile, treatment options are available for many cases and budgets.

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