Invisalign: The Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign Las ColinasThere are many reasons to have teeth straightened. From cosmetic values to keeping teeth healthy, having straight teeth enhances daily living; and Invisalign clear aligners allow the wearer to achieve a smile makeover with virtually invisible treatment.

For many decades there was only one option to achieve straight teeth; metal bands and brackets would be affixed to upper and/or lower teeth; wires would be threaded through them; and the use of rubber bands would aid in the treatment. The wires would be tightened through periodic visits with the dentist, and teeth would be straightened over a period of time.

Invisalign wearers can achieve the same result but in an entirely different fashion. The advantages for the Invisalign patient are numerous: 

The advantages for the Invisalign patient are numerous…

Aligners vs. bands – Clear aligners are developed utilizing dental impressions, radiographs, and photographs. The Invisalign technicians incorporate these aids and using 3-D digital expertise and technology are able to provide a series of aligners that will be replaced every few weeks as they gently shift teeth to their correct occlusion. Switching out the aligners takes the place of tightening the wires while achieving the same result.

Aligners are removable – This is important for a few reasons. The aligners are removed for snacking and meals making all your favorite foods eligible for consumption. Traditional braces result in the elimination of many healthy foods in the effort to prevent bending or breaking the wires. Crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods are okay with Invisalign.

Daily hygiene care – Brushing and flossing is performed more easily and completely when there are no barriers. Aligners are removed for these daily tasks. Additionally, every six months during the visit with the dentist for cleaning and exam, a thorough hygienic cleaning can be performed.

Dental exam – The periodic exams for orthodontic progress are not intended to take the place of those six month visits. Keeping teeth healthy and decay free throughout orthodontic treatment is more easily achieved when removing braces for cleaning and dental x-rays.

Invisalign aligners are clear – This makes the straightening process much more desirable especially for impressionable teens, young adults, and career professionals. No one needs to know you are having your teeth straightened.

Better dental health – Crooked or misshapen teeth provide areas for bacteria to build promoting dental decay. Areas difficult to reach with floss and a tooth brush are eliminated.

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