How long before I start to see results with Invisalign?

Invisalign Las ColinasInvisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment approach that utilizes custom-made fitted alignment trays to gently guide teeth to a more functional position without the need for traditional braces. The use of Invisalign allows patients to continue regular brushing and flossing habits for healthy teeth and gums, and the Invisalign process is generally shorter than traditional braces and comparable orthodontic treatments.

As with braces, the Invisalign process starts with an assessment and impressions of the teeth to determine the treatment approach for eligible patients. The impressions are used to make models of the patient’s current teeth positions and alignment between upper and lower teeth, and these models are used to custom-design the Invisalign aligner trays for that patient.

Once a patient begins using their customized Invisalign aligners, the sensation of teeth moving will be felt very quickly in the treatment process. Teeth become quite mobile within the mouth and this allows the dentist to safely move them with the Invisalign aligners. Most patients using Invisalign report only mild discomfort that subsides quickly as the teeth begin to shift, and this can occur with each adjustment to a new aligner tray.

Within the first one to two months, most patients begin noticing the visible changes and progress. The changes will be visible but also physically experienced as the teeth transition to more functional positions improving alignment. Even though the process is often shorter than traditional braces, sufficient time is still necessary to safely shift, reposition, and secure teeth in their new positions.

It is important to wear and care for the Invisalign aligners as instructed by the dentist to ensure they stand up to regular use and last for the necessary length of time designated for each aligner. At a fairly steady pace, patients change to the next Invisalign aligner and the dentist adjusts treatment to optimize results along the way.

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