How long do teeth whitening results last?

teeth whitening Las ColinasTeeth whitening is possibly the most economical smile makeover a patient can realize. Drab or stained teeth can alter the way a person smiles or interacts on a daily basis. And a solution is as close as a visit to your cosmetic dentist for a consultation to achieve your desired results.

The teeth whitening products dispensed through your dental provider are the most powerful available. In addition to excellent products, you have the expertise of your dentist to rely on for questions or concerns before, during, and after treatment.

These advantages are not available through the acquisition of teeth whitening at the corner drug store or kits obtained online. Nor is the result equitable to what you can achieve by going through your dentist for teeth whitening products.

While teeth whitening is not an exact science, results and the length of time whitening will last depends on a couple of variables including the shade of your teeth prior to whitening, whether or not you use tobacco products, and the foods and beverages you most often consume.

There are some foods and beverages that can stain teeth more readily than others such as red wine, tea, coffee, and cola. Cold drinks can be consumed through a straw as most of the beverage will bypass the teeth. Never drink hot beverages through a straw as severe burns can occur.

Tomato based sauces, beets, and many berries can also stain. These can either be avoided or if you know you are going to eat one or more of them, be prepared to thoroughly rinse your mouth or brush your teeth following consumption.

Smoking creates yellowing of teeth as well as stains. Discontinue tobacco use to keep your newly whitened teeth looking their best.

To extend the life of your teeth whitening experience, there are toothpastes and rinses along with touch-up kits to be used between whitening sessions.

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