Protect and Strengthen Teeth with Dental Crowns

dental crowns IrvingDental crowns are custom-made prosthetic pieces that closely resemble natural teeth. The first step in creating a dental crown involves the dentist taking an impression of an existing, prepared tooth (or teeth). That impression is then used to fabricate the crown. Traditionally, crowns contain a metal interior for reinforced strength, but design options vary with individual patient circumstances and needs.

The use of a dental crown to strengthen and protect natural teeth is very common in modern dentistry. Molars, for example, with large fillings, can be more susceptible to breakage or other damage from normal everyday impact. Adding a customized dental crown can protect the molar from pressure caused by chewing and eating. The use of a dental crown can also protect teeth from contact with hot and cold temperatures that can trigger uncomfortable sensitivity.

Incisors, canines, and premolars that have suffered damage may be crowned for preservation. Cracked and uneven teeth that are likely to suffer additional damage can also benefit from the addition of a crown. Adding a dental crown to a damaged tooth can help the patient retain that natural tooth, while simultaneously protecting it from impact, damage, and further injury. The crown also reinforces the tooth, providing functional support for chewing and speaking, along with a natural-looking tooth thanks to the customized design.

Teeth that require root canal therapy are often treated with a dental crown afterward to ensure lasting support and reinforced strength of the natural tooth. Root canals may require large fillings, depending on the initial circumstances, and the dental crown protects the remaining natural tooth.

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