Root Canal Treatment: Will I Need a Dental Crown?

root canals Irving TXTeeth with serious cavities, decay, infections, and broken or chipped pieces can be difficult to save in some cases, but a root canal treatment is beneficial if you are suffering with one or more of these dental issues. In most cases, the treatment will remove any infected matter inside the pulp of the tooth. This reduces the risk of spreading infections, discomfort, and the loss of more teeth. While effective, certain precautions are necessary to protect the tooth after this common dental procedure.

Protection After a Root Canal

After removing the damaged or infected pulp from the problem tooth, your dentist will need to protect the underlying nerves from further complications. In most cases, the following will be used to cover the treated tooth:

  • Filling – Dental-grade cement is used to fill the treated tooth. This filling protects the underlying nerves, decreasing discomfort and preventing infections and decay.
  • Crowns – Your dentist will most likely place a dental crown over the treated tooth. Crowns are effective options for protecting the tooth due to the hard outer shell it creates over your tooth. Crowns are also available in a variety of material options, so they offer a natural, realistic treatment for your problematic tooth.

Placing the Crown

After the root canal procedure, a thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. Impressions are then taken, which will be sent off to a lab for the fabrication of a customized dental crown. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth, which you will wear for a short period of time.

When the permanent crown is completed, you will need to schedule another visit to your dentist for placement.

With proper brushing and dental care, your permanent crown can last for years. Not only does it restore your smile after a root canal treatment, but a crown also offers full function of your teeth.

Root canal treatments may be common, but most patients do not realize the necessity of dental crowns for protection and restoration. To learn more about your dental health and tooth restoration options, contact our team at Erickson Dental today.