Will teeth whitening make my veneers whiter?

teeth whitening Las ColinasVeneers are made from porcelain … just as porcelain is resistant to staining, it does not react to teeth whitening either. Therefore, patients who choose to whiten their teeth following veneer application will only alter untreated biological teeth. This could create a very uneven appearance.

The rule of thumb is if you wish to whiten your teeth, you should always do so prior to any cosmetic enhancements. Once teeth have been lightened, your cosmetic dentist will be able to match your anticipated restorations to your newly whitened teeth shade.

No matter what type of teeth whitening you select, any porcelain or metal restorations you already have in place will not be affected. Even though veneers are wafer thin, the enamel under the porcelain is sealed and will not react to whitening.

Before you entertain any type of dental treatment, you should review your goals with your dentist. If you wish to whiten your teeth, acquiring whitening from your dental provider will ensure you are using a safe and proven product. In addition, you will have the guidance and expertise of your dentist in the event you have questions or concerns before, during or after whitening treatment.

Any cosmetic concerns should be addressed … there are so many different affordable aesthetic treatments available, you may be able to improve your appearance in just a couple of visits. If you are interested in veneers, make sure you discuss shading of your natural teeth and veneers early in your consultation.

If you already had veneers placed on your teeth, but you are still unhappy with your appearance due to tooth discoloration, you can pursue a couple of options. Dental bonding uses a tooth colored material to blend away spots and stains. Or you can opt to treat your other teeth with veneers as well.

Make sure any treatment you entertain (especially self-improvement enhancements) are cleared by your dentist. Your dental provider will welcome your questions; they want you to be a knowledgeable consumer. And they want you to be happy with your results.

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