Tooth Restorations: How Dental Bridges Can Help

dental bridges Las ColinasLosing one or more biological teeth never comes at a good time. Broken teeth, dental decay, gum disease, or a traumatic event can lead to the need for a dental restoration that can supplant one or more teeth. Dental bridges are an excellent means to restore aesthetics and allow you to resume your life as if tooth loss had never occurred.

There are different types of dental bridges. But the most basic unit is made to replace one or two teeth by fabricating a bridge that contains two abutment crowns and one pontic (the artificial tooth). The biological teeth on either side of the missing tooth must be healthy to support the prosthesis. Teeth that are severely decayed or are impaired due to gum disease present unique problems for your dentist to overcome.

There may be many issues that must be dealt with, but the advantages of replacing a lost tooth with a dental bridge outweigh leaving a gap where your tooth was.

Aesthetics – Your teeth say a lot about you, and a missing tooth can detract from your smile’s appearance.

Speaking – We rely on our teeth to help form sounds to speak clearly. A lost tooth can modify how you pronounce certain words.

Eating – While some can chew just about anything with a missing back tooth, having to rely on chewing on one side for an extended period can create dental problems.

Malocclusion – Missing teeth can result in the shift of remaining teeth to the open area. This can produce bite issues that can lead to teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Initially your new bridge may require an adjustment period, but eventually you should be able to do all the things you could do prior to tooth loss.

Dental bridges can last up to fifteen years in general, and often much longer with the proper care. The patient needs to brush and floss daily and maintain twice yearly dental visits to keep teeth cleaned and looking their best.

A dental exam will allow your dentist to watch over the condition of your bridge, and alert you to any problems that may occur while overseeing the dental health of your remaining natural teeth.

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